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Prints and Pictures offered for sale on this website are for personal use only.  All images articles and content on this website are Copyright © Ian Badley/PhotoSailing for IBR Business Solutions Limited and may not be reproduced, copied, or downloaded in any format whatsoever without his expressed permission which will be in writing. No images are Public Domain, free or Royalty Free. Contravention is a breach of International Copyright Law and will be enforced. Please note that none of the images have a Property Release and as such may not be used for Commercial Purposes without a License for such use. Contact Ian Badley for further information. Any Commercial use absolves Ian Badley or IBR Business Solutions Ltd from any subsequent claim from any Third Party.

Photo Print 

These photo prints are printed onto Fuji professional DP II archival quality photo papers to exacting standards to provide a quality print to be proud of. Excellent tonal quality and colour range delivers the perfect print for you to display.  The prints are produced with a silky lustre finish, ideal for displaying behind glass or acrylic. These prints are produced with a 1cm or 2 cm white border to ease mounting and framing and are open editions. 

Photo Prints on the Event Photography Gallery are printed on the indicated paper size with a minimum 1 cm clear border all round.  The format of the image is retained leaving a larger area of border on some images according to the format. For example,  a square image ordered on 48.3cm x 33cm paper  would be printed at a maximum size of 31cm square. 

Fine Art Hahnemhule Print 

This is a traditional term which heralds from the origins of photography, where photographic negatives were developed and printed individually by hand.  All our prints are printed individually and are personally inspected and tonally balanced to produce a superb quality print.  These fine art prints are produced onto one of the finest Hahnemhüle Fine Art Photo Pearl Premium lightly textured artist paper to ensure luminous colours and deep blacks for at least 100 years. These prints are produced with a 1cm or 2cm white border to ease mounting and framing. These pictures will have  a printed  'Ian Badley' signature in the border and on request accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity 

Exclusive Collection Signed Limited Edition Prints 

Limited edition prints are exclusive fine art prints, selected by Ian which typify  the essence of the moment of capture. As is usually the case, it’s all about the light, the action or serenity and that unique moment.  The number of these prints available is strictly limited to just 10, plus 2 artist proof prints for each medium type and size of print.  As the print edition nears the end of the run, prices rise due to their exclusivity. Once the edition has reached its limit, no further prints are made. These prints are available in two mediums, a traditional Lambda printed Fuji Crystal print or Hahnemühle photographic fine art print as described above.  Each print is numbered with the edition, will have a printed 'Ian Badley' signature in the border and be accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity which includes the original file number, the date and time to the second that the image was taken, together with details of the location and if applicable, the boat name and event.   

Print under acrylic glass

Here is a modern contemporary way to display your print. Your chosen print will be printed onto Fuji Crystal DP11 paper, silicone sealed behind a 2mm brilliant acrylic glass and bonded to an aluminium backing with an integrated hanging system.  The acrylic glass provides added UV protection as well as providing a wonderful presentation to your chosen print. 

Premium framed prints

These are framed Fine Art individually toned images printed onto renowned Hahnemühle Pearl paper. Prints are dry mounted onto the backboard to avoid slippage and are double mounted to provide a physical keyline to the print. The frames dimensions and close ups are shown on the page, with other alternatives available on request. We have been selling these tried and tested pictures for many years, they are really beautiful products. The glazing on all our framed prints is a premium quality acrylic. It is more expensive than glass with many benefits including 97-100% reduction of UVB light filtering and significant impact resistance compared to glass.    Should you prefer, the print may be made on Fuji Professional paper, more akin to a traditional photographic paper at a slightly reduced price. Please email for details.

Crew framed prints

These are a new addition to our range. The images are printed onto Epson Premium Luster: A semi-gloss paper. Great for framing. It yields highly saturated images, while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail. These framed pictures are offered in 22mm wide oak, white or black finishes with the frame dimensions and close up images  shown on the page, The natural grain of the wood shows through highlighting the classic quality of the pictures. Framed pictures are fitted with 'D' fittings and chord on the back ready to hang. They are also sealed to reduce ingress of dust and glazed with Crystal+ acrylic for clarity and protection.

Sizes shown are overall dimensions of the print for 'print only' or the frame for 'framed prints'.

How good is the image quality?

It’s good! The images are taken with high quality equipment and all prints are examined before despatch. Remember, I supply businesses, book publishers, magazines, newspapers etc with my images but above all that I have my reputation to consider.  If I am not satisfied then it doesn’t go out – although I am human! 

Please note that with the best will in the world, the image you see on your computer screen will never look exactly like the print you receive even though calibrated monitors and paper profiles are used to edit, process and produce the prints. This is due to a number of factors one of the main ones being your monitor is back lit whilst a print is front lit; monitors perform differently in different lighting etc. Despite this, we aim to produce an image as close to resembling what you see as possible. 

I want to buy a print but the size I want  is not listed?

No problem. EMAIL HERE with your requirements and I will respond with availability and price. 

All prints are produced using materials to minimise the risk of fade giving a life expectancy in excess of 75 years.  As with all paintings and prints, they should not be displayed in direct sunlight or artificial light, and away from any source of heat and humidity.

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